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Who is Live-in Care For?

Bookings can be either short or long-term and cater to those who:

  • Have chronic medical conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, stroke or Parkinson's Disease
  • Have dementia or Alzheimer's Disease
  • Are frail and do not want to move into a nursing home
  • Need palliative care and want to stay in the comfort of their own home

Live-in care is not available in the state of California. For California, see our 24-hour care program. Restrictions apply. Not all services are offered in all locations. Please contact your local office for details.

Why Choose Live-in Care?

The CDC recommends social distancing and that those over the age of 65 stay in their homes. Hiring a live-in caregiver reduces the risk of exposure by minimizing the people coming and going while providing the support your loved one needs to live the life they want, at home.

Live-in caregivers provide a host of benefits, usually for a lower cost than 24-hour care. These include companionship and socialization, around-the-clock emergency support, meal preparation, encouragement for physical activity, and more.

Live-in Care vs 24 Hour Care

If your loved one requires around-the-clock care, 24 hour care might be the right choice for you.

Live-in Care 24 Hour Care
Live-in CareOne caregiver provides intermittent care over a 24 hour period, with meal breaks and uninterrupted sleep hours. 24 Hour CareMultiple caregivers provide continuous care over a 24 hour period.

You can learn more about our 24 hour care services, here

What do Our Live-in Caregivers do?

Live-in caregivers will assist with all levels of personal care and emotional support, as well as provide light housekeeping, transportation, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. The caregivers also serve as connections to other healthcare professionals and family members, as appropriate.

All You Need to Know About Living With Your Twenty Four Hour or Hourly Caregiver

Our aged loved ones deserve special attention and care, more so if they are sick, incapable of taking care of themselves, or undergoing tough lifestyle changes. There are many ways of providing care, from nursing homes to 24-hour care and live-in care. Live in care means having a caregiver living within the home of the person who needs special care. That way, they attend to all their needs and offer full support to keep other family members independent and free.

We offer proficient live-in home care services to a variety of locations in the US. Our professionals are highly trained, courteous, experienced, and highly motivated to give consistent and high-quality live in caregivers. If you want round-the-clock managed service for your loved one, simply fill in your location and find local caregivers for your seniors. Not only will you have peace of mind, but your loved one will have a person attending to all their needs throughout their day, not to mention a companion to hold some tête-à-têtes with full time home care.

Here are the services that live-in caregiver provide:

Caring for a person who cannot sufficiently take care of themselves can be extremely hectic. Since caregivers are programmed to daily domestic and housekeeping tasks that ensure top-notch hygiene and comfort, they are better at the job. As such, they will help your loved one get in and out of bed, wash and dress them, toileting, and even offer mobility support around the home. They also ensure that laundry, house chores, and light gardening are well taken live in caregivers of for a germ-free and clean environment. Domestic tasks could also involve running errands and feeding, walking, and caring for a pet. A live in caregiver can revolutionize your life. Contrary to popular opinion, live in caregivers does not just offer personal care and administer medication, but they do everything that appertains to the comfort of seniors. If you're multitasking between looking after your parent, or any other special person, live in caregivers can turn your life around, as well as the life of your loved one, by buying you more time, while guaranteeing exemplary service in the daily routine.

Seniors have special dietary and nutritional needs, that require their food to be prepared separately from the family's. It can, therefore, be tiring to double down three or so meals day after day. Being hour shift experts, not only will our staff cook and ensure that your senior is well-fed, but they possess the right knowledge on the best foods and nutritious meals that will improve the health of your loved one as well.

This goes without saying. Live in caregivers supervise medication, administer drugs, collect prescriptions, and even liaise with the medical professionals involved. Additionally, they also accompany the sick to the hospital, report on their progress, monitor the situation, and offer support advice if need be.

In as much as families would like to be there for their seniors and follow through a routine to safeguard their comfort, daily activities involving school, work, and many others make this impossible. Changing from normalcy can be very stressful for seniors, especially those suffering from chronic diseases. Our staff, therefore, keep the same routines, hobbies, and interests, thereby avoiding too much change. To add some enthusiasm to live in caregivers, they also throw in some outings, walks, and games to offer optimum support with managed excitement with full time in home care.

Throughout the day, your loved one will have someone to talk to. From watching TV, sharing personal feelings, stories from the past, sharing meals, enjoying days out, and basically just having a companion, the joy of your loved one will be restored. Family and friends may come and go, but our staff will be there, living, helping, and supporting your loved one throughout. In fact, the majority of our clients have formed such strong bonds with our staff, that they see them as friends other than live in caregivers. You can enjoy staying at home with your loved ones without having to see them every once in a while at a nursing home. This way, they spend their most fragile moments in life with those they treasure the most and are guaranteed proper and qualified live in caregivers. People with complex medical conditions could require clinically certified nurses, and they too, are in our list of proficient carers. They can handle complex medical requirements like diabetes which calls for blood sugar monitoring and insulin injections. Anyone who needs palliative care and would like to remain in the comfort of their home can opt for live in caregivers. These groups of people, however, are most suited for Live-in care: (Note that Live-in care can either be long term or short term, depending on the cause for specialized care):

- Seniors suffering from mental conditions like Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia. - People who are chronically ill from diseases like Parkinson's Disease, Stroke, and Multiple Sclerosis. - Frail seniors who are incapable of taking proper care of themselves.

Note, however, that live in caregiver is not available in the state of California, which means that residents of California would have to go for our 24-hour live in caregivers program. Olivia had been having a hard time taking care of her mother who was chronically ill and whose condition had been deteriorating. Having to balance work and looking after her mom, she had tried getting fa, I'll members to take care of her mum until frustrations made her give us a call for personal care and home health. Get the best health care available. The interview was so professional, but what impressed me the most was the determination to find the perfect fit for my mom. From her medical details, her personality traits and interests, a lot of details went into finding the right caregiver for her. Today, Mary, our caregiver, is actually like a sister to me, and most of all a daughter to my mom. She has so much love for her, and nothing gives me joy than knowing that mom is happy and comfortable despite nearing her end days." Why should you opt for Live-in Care? There are many reasons why people opt for live-in care for their loved ones. Here are the benefits that you stand to gain: 1. It reduces the risk of exposure to communicable diseases. Most seniors have underlying health complications and exposing them to the world outside increases their chances of contracting communicable diseases and collecting disease-causing organisms. This is life-threatening, having in mind that their immune systems are weakened with age, not to mention the pre-existing illness. Take the pandemic, for example. Deaths are happening at an unprecedented rate, and more than 80% of these are people over 60 years of age. The CDC recommends social distancing for all persons, and advice that people over 65 be under complete lockdown to reduce the chances of exposure. With live in caregivers, this is made possible, and since the live in caregivers is constant, chances of contracting the virus are minimized by an impeccable margin. You can support your loved one fully, and be assured that they're safe. Remaining at home is not just about safety. It about comfort. East or west, home is best. Your loved one is surrounded by familiar territory, their belongings, and even memories. To top it all of, they get to see you, and the members of the family throughout. The family also gets the advantage of being with their loved ones and being more involved in caring for them. People who are chronically ill suffer from a lot of anxiety, particularly people with mental issues like dementia. Living at home helps create a safe space, and gives many more benefits than being in a nursing home. While dementia can be confusing, remaining at home will prove worth every penny spent on live-in care.

A live in caregiver is the very definition of independence since a senior can negotiate and voice what he/she wants with his/her caregiver. They maintain their dignity from the freedom to be allowed to make decisions that make them happy. Maintaining the lifestyle of your loved one is a vital part of making your loved one comfortable, and ensures that they are mentally and physically healthy. Whatever you are paying for, will manifest itself right before you. Your loved one will be attended to at all times, and all their needs are taken care of. From domestic needs to dietary, medical, and even offering emotional support, our live-in care services give you value for your money. Our packages are specially designed to suit every client's needs, including those with special medical needs. This ensures that seniors get the best possible live in caregivers, and are comfortable.

How to Find a Live-in Carer

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