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Home care services are provided on an hourly or around-the-clock basis. Our caregivers provide support with basic activities of daily living and also have the training and experience to support those living with certain conditions such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson’s. Caregivers are also experienced in supporting a successful transition home from the hospital or a rehab facility.

Home Care Assistance caregivers are experienced, rigorously screened and passionate about caring for others. We run thorough background checks on our caregivers, including driving records and employment authorization verification. Our caregivers are bonded, insured and monitored by Client Care Managers who build trusted relationships with families to ensure caregivers are providing the highest caliber of care to their loved ones throughout the length of service.

What Kind Of Care Do You Need?

Home Care

Clients can set up care on an hourly basis as needed. Our compassionate caregivers are ready to help with daily activities, transportation, shopping and meal preparation, and other tasks that support wellness and aging in place.

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Live In Caregiver - Full Time Care

Getting live in care can help keep seniors safe. Live in caregivers are assigned to live with an older adult for a period of time & provide care directly in their own home.

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Hospital-to-Home Care

Whether you or a loved one is transitioning directly home after a hospitalization or moving through the care continuum via a rehabilitation or medical care facility, one-on-one home care is crucial for a safe and successful recovery.

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Specialized Care

Our in-home caregivers help with daily activities and support the unique care needs of people living with mobility issues, Alzheimer’s or other dementias, Parkinson’s, and other age-related conditions. How can we help you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you hiring?

Yes, our team is growing and we are hiring both staff and caregiver positions. To learn more about open staff positions, click here and to apply to become a caregiver, click here.

Where can I learn more about being a caregiver?

Becoming a professional caregiver is a meaningful and fulfilling job. To learn more about becoming a valued member of our team, click here.

Do you have any brochures or videos to read/watch so that I can learn more?

Yes, we have literature on how in-home care can support an array of situations, acute or chronic conditions that afflict older adults and our programs, such as our Balanced Care Method , Cognitive Therapeutics Method, and more. To request more specific information based on your needs, contact a care team member by calling 1-866-454-8346 or clicking here today!

How can I get more information?

If you would like more information, do not hesitate to request a free in-home consultation and speak to a professional Client Care Manager. You may also call 1-866-454-8346 to speak with someone and request a printed brochure. Lastly, you may download one of the care guides below to read more about our services.

I have questions – is there a real person I can speak with?

Absolutely. Members of the Home Care Assistance care team are available to speak with you at any time. If you are interested in speaking with someone right away, call 1-866-454-8346 to reach a live representative near you.

Is there an HCA location near me?

Yes, Home Care Assistance has storefront locations serving 150 regions around the world. To find a location near you, click here.

What kinds of care services do you offer?

Home Care Assistance offers home care on a daily and hourly basis, but for more information on this subject, visit our Care Services Page.

What is respite care and how can it help family caregivers?

Often, a family member or friend cares for an aging loved one, but the job can be stressful and puts pressure on the relationship. Respite Care is temporary or hourly care designed to give family caregivers a much needed break so they can take care of our priorities in their life and prevent caregiver burnout.

In what areas of care do Home Care Assistance caregivers specialize?

Our extensive roster of skilled caregivers include those experienced and trained in a number of specialized care requirements that commonly affect older adults. These include:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Cancer
  • Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedics
  • Stroke and Neurology
  • Hospice

Home Care Assistance caregivers provide excellent help at home. Can they assist in locations besides the senior’s residence?

Yes. We can visit seniors anywhere they need care. During hospital stays, our hospital sitters can provide around-the-clock companionship and monitoring for safety.

Many residents of senior care communities also hire Home Care Assistance caregivers to provide the personal one-to-one attention they deserve.

We can even accompany seniors on vacations, enabling them to travel in safety and freedom.

How do you supervise caregivers?

You don’t just hire a caregiver. You work with a full Care Team to ensure the highest standards of care are met. Before beginning home care services, the care team creates a schedule and a plan that covers all aspects of the appropriate care and go over it with the caregiver. An RN Care Manager or Client Care Manager at Home Care Assistance makes regular Quality Assurance visits to ensure the quality of care is exceptional and makes changes as needed.

Why is Home Care Assistance good for seniors’ family members?

Home Care Assistance brings peace of mind to families because your loved one is cared for by the very best, most reliable caregivers. On call to serve you 24/7, we eliminate the effort and worry of finding, screening, paying and managing a caregiver.

If your caregiver becomes ill or is unable to keep the scheduled visit, our staffing team will work to find you a qualified substitute caregiver. Home Care Assistance reduces stress for the whole family. Plus, our caregivers allow family members to enjoy quality time with their loved ones, instead of focusing on stressful daily needs.

What does it mean when you say lifestyle care?

By remaining in their homes, seniors are able to maintain the lifestyle they have been accustomed to enjoying throughout their life. Keeping all their possessions and familiar surroundings, home care clients are able to visit the same stores, restaurants, neighbors and parks they know and love.

Why is Home Care Assistance good for seniors?

Our experienced caregivers offer seniors safety, companionship, emotional support and they make sure they receive proper nutrition, they are taking the correct medication, and more.

Home Care Assistance caregivers are highly skilled and specially trained in emotional support, nutritional guidance, fall prevention, brain-sharpening activities and even light physical activity. We spend significant time matching the perfect caregiver with the client based on personality, life experience and commonalities.

Do you have a service contract I have to sign?

There’s no service contract with Home Care Assistance. That means you can use our services for only as long as you need and with 100% satisfaction. Start enjoying worry-free senior care now!

How does Home Care Assistance screen and hire caregivers?

Home Care Assistance interviews 25 caregivers for every one that we hire. We start by requiring a minimum of two years of verifiable experience with excellent references.

Next, we conduct thorough background checks including local and national criminal records, driving record checks and verify eligibility for employment.

Home Care Assistance caregivers are fully bonded, insured, licensed where required and covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

What is the difference between 24 hour care and hourly care?

With our 24 hour care service, caregivers come in shifts and stay with the client around-the-clock, ready to assist with all activities of daily living and ensuring safety all hours of the day. 24/7 care provides service for those seniors who require close supervision at all times. Hourly care is typically provided at a minimum of four hours but is also available for more consecutive hours at a time.

What’s unique about the service provided by Home Care Assistance?

Our rigorous caregiver selection process includes an exclusive psychologist-generated test that measures honesty and conscientiousness. We also have a PhD-developed Home Care Assistance University that is used to train caregivers with proven techniques and skills for improving and prolonging seniors’ quality of life.

Our emphasis on providing long-term care from consistent, expertly matched caregivers ensures quality in care and maintains familiarity and emotional stability.

Home Care Assistance specializes in 24 hour care, with caregivers providing assistance, monitoring and companionship around-the-clock.

Our proprietary Balanced Care Method™ is a holistic approach to care based on the scientifically studied lifestyles of the longest living individuals in the world. Our Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ engages clients in fun and effective activities designed to promote long-term brain health.

What makes Home Care Assistance caregivers such great caregivers?

We start by attracting and hiring the best, most experienced caregivers in the area. We screen them with the most comprehensive tests in the industry. But we don’t leave it at that. Home Care Assistance has developed exclusive training programs to provide nutrition and longevity-promoting techniques. We even have a monthly newsletter that keeps all of our caregivers up-to-date on the latest insights in the home care industry.

What is home care?

Home care provides seniors with one-on-one assistance from a trained caregiver in the comfort of his or her own home. With assistance from a caregiver, seniors are able to live at home independently and maintain their quality of life. The personal attention they receive vastly improves their safety, health and happiness.

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